Communications strategy

M&F is well versed in working across a range of channels to help solve a communications issue and arrive at an optimal solution.

Our service model brings the strategic breadth and depth required to work in partnership with clients to solve problems.  We work independently or within our strategic hub comprised of key partner agencies – such as Now advertising, Multicultural Marketing or Britain Thinks – an approach already successfully used by NHS England, Home Office, Education and Skills Funding Agency and the Department for Work and Pensions.

This approach brings a breadth of knowledge working with hard to reach, local as well as national audiences.

Campaign Delivery

We put great ideas and story creation at the heart of great campaigns – which can be amplified through a multiplicity of channels as well as engineering the content for news.

With greater cross- over between the disciplines it is increasing difficult to define what is PR, Social Media, SEO, content creation and curation.  As we live in times where advertising is skippable, block-able and opt-out-able, we believe that an understanding of what makes news, what makes content compelling and shareable is a great place to start with developing campaigns.

These days our PR is primarily digital, with earnt media distribution of message being central and social by design.  Unless the news is groundbreaking, the traditional press release is replaced by content releases and our influencers increasingly have a massive following online.  

We are multi-awarded for our campaigns, delivering positive social and behavioural change and working to delivery with the most appropriate medium for our clients’ needs, including:

Content (& conversations)

Working with award-winning film makers, we facilitate compelling visual and narrative stories that generate national conversations through multiple and primarily earnt media channels.

Reputation is developed through paid, earnt, shared and owned channels.  Content is king: we innovate with new and different ways to distribute our message (social media, relationships with industry leaders).  In 2017 it feels trite to say, digital is at the heart of everything we do.  Enough said, we do of course provide digital services, delivered in-house or, where specialists are required, in association with partners be it SEO, analytics, link-building or platform led.


We are experts in building powerful partnerships across multiple sectors for our clients, as exemplified by our work on apprenticeships, child protection and health and work.

We work with commercial, third sector, media as well as government (national and local).

Our bespoke partnership solution is based on a set of proven principles that apply to delivering maximum efficacy to each partnership brief: working closely with clients to understand the required outcomes and using a variety of tools and sources to build a picture of the policy area, the target audiences and the situational context.


Our Work

How we help our clients