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World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day – and to support Mental Health First Aid England in their bid to bring parity to our attitudes towards mental and physical health – we have worked with them to kick off their #HandsUp4HealthyMinds campaign.

Aiming to give adults – such as parents and teachers – the tools to support young people who may be experiencing mental ill health, the toolkit offers a range of advice, tips and recommendations for those wanting to start a positive mental health conversation.

In order to bring the toolkit to life, we worked with renowned mental heath campaigner Natasha Devon to create a list piece that today we have seen appear throughout the country. Entitled ‘6 tips for talking to young people about their mental health’ – it’s great to see this piece picked up across the country.

As our hashtag #HandsUp4MentalHealth trends on Twitter today – we are so proud again to be part of this future-thinking mental health conversation.

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