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Summer update

Wow – what a summer it was! It was all hands-on-deck at Munro & Forster HQ as our exam results campaigns for the National Careers Service and the National Apprenticeship Service came to a head as GCSE and A-levels results were released. Luckily the weather has been fantastic – so a hard day’s work was topped off with a bevvy in the sun.

Here are our highlights from the summer:

First off, we have to share the kinetic text video we created to raise awareness of the new Exam Results Helpline number for 2018. Supported by no spend whatsoever, on Twitter alone the kinetic text video was watched almost 24k times – so we are over the moon with how it performed. We worked really hard to make this video as short, snappy and as engaging as possible – so it’s great to see that we got it right.

Next up, we were really happy with this piece on Cosmopolitan UK. It was a real collaborative piece – pulling together reasons from seven different apprentices – on why they felt that their apprenticeship was the right choice for them. Cosmo has a massive online readership, especially with young women – so this was a great piece to secure in our bid to change any misconceptions people have around the types of jobs that offer apprenticeships.

Alongside general feature pieces, advice pieces formed a large part of our campaign for the National Career Service. They were a great way for us to showcase the Exam Results Helpline adviser’s expertise, all the while giving young people real and honest advice that we felt would help them navigate their way through their results week. Our ‘tips to survive exam results week’, got picked up by papers all around the country – but our favourite advice pieces would have to be this story on Huffington Post and this feature in Sunemployment.

Keeping with our media coverage, we also produced a number of videos for social media that saw careers advisers answer key questions we identified as being commonly asked by young people during exam results time.

Looking ahead…

As we move into September, we are excited to get crunching the numbers for the campaign. Then next up its World Mental Health Day planning for Mental Health First Aid England, along with promoting the fantastic winners of the National Apprenticeship Awards in regional publication around the country. Stay tuned!



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