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It’s National Careers Week!

Today kickstarts National Careers Week and we are proud to be supporting the National Careers Service in raising awareness of the free guidance and support available to people finding their dream job.

We all need a helping hand at some point in our career, and advice should never be hard won. Whether you’re leaving education or you’re looking to re-skill and change careers completely, knowing there’s someone there to offer impartial and un-biased advice is incredibly helpful.

The careers landscape is changing at pace; and the type of jobs we work in today are a world away from those even a decade ago. Yet employers claim that young people are lacking some of the basic skills needed for employment. As such there has never been more need for careers guidance to be promoted and celebrated in education.

To this end we’ve worked with Sophie Graham, Careers Adviser at the National Careers Service, on identifying the top tips for young people on how to succeed in their chosen career. We’re thrilled that Cosmopolitan has published Sophie’s insight on day one of National Careers Week! In the piece Sophie delves into the eight mistakes you should never make on day one of your first job – reminding us that, irrespective of age, an open mind and positive mental attitude counts for a lot. You can read it all on Cosmopolitan here.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Of course, you don’t have to be going into your first job to need a little help and career guidance from others; often though, the best starting point is asking yourself.

That’s why we’re encouraging you to take the ‘10 Year Career Challenge’ and reflect on where you see yourself in ten years’ time – have your goals changed over the years? You can get involved by posting an image (or even a doodle if you’re feeling creative) of your dream childhood job or future career with the #10YearCareerChallenge hashtag. Don’t forget, there are professional careers advisers who can help you on your path and make your career dreams a reality!

We’re Incredibly proud to be helping celebrate National Careers Week and playing our part in informing and inspiring the next generation as they enter the world of work.


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