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What we’re loving this week: Tulip Tower



The design for the newly proposed Tulip Tower isn’t to everyone’s taste, but we’re excited to hear that something interesting and controversial is happening on our doorstep!

The proposal for this new iconic building, which is the brainchild of architects Foster + Partners, has drawn in mixed reviews on social media this week – with some praising the “fun and bold” creation and others making comparisons to Dr Who’s Sonic Screwdriver.

If plans go ahead, the dramatic structure will tower over the heart of London’s financial district at 1,000 feet – making it the tallest building in the City and the second tallest in the UK.

The capital’s instantly-recognisable skyline is no stranger to architectural additions – the Gherkin, Shard and Walkie-Talkie to name a few – and with 236 high-rise buildings in the pipeline, it’s evident that contemporary London is reaching for the skies.

If planning is approved, we’ll be interested in seeing if this new instalment attracts more visitors to the Square Mile!

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What we’re loving this week: Tulip Tower

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