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‘Apprenticeships Work’

Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA): National Apprenticeship Service (NAS)


Key task: building on success


Our task was simple: make National Apprenticeship Week (NAW2018) the biggest one yet!


For the last four years, we have worked with ESFA on this landmark event which generates over 2,000 pieces of coverage each year and has the backing of hundreds of employers, schools, colleges and stakeholders. There’s no denying that NAW is a force to be reckoned with and you could say we were victims of our own success!



In making NAW bigger than ever, we developed a partnership-led strategy that saw ESFA take the role of curator, giving its thousands of partners across the country a tangible platform through which they could all support the Week.


With our theme, ‘Apprenticeships Work’, we gave our apprenticeship community a clear ask – together let’s all shout about how and why ‘Apprenticeships Work’. Months ahead, we launched with the Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, Anne Milton, MP and the Director of NAS going on camera to share, exactly how the apprenticeship community can support the Week.


We created three platforms for engagement:


  • 10kTalks. Collectively, let’s talk to 10,000 people during the week about how and why ‘Apprenticeships Work’. We created a promo video to illustrate the task, with a former apprentice from Capgemini visiting her old school and giving a talk to pupils there about her journey and the successes doing an apprenticeship can bring


  • #WorksForMe. Using the hashtag #WorksForMe, we mobilised our community with the tools to share their own stories why ‘Apprenticeships Works’ for them, through owned and earnt channels


  • Celebrate. We introduced a core component to the Week, encouraging employers to celebrate the successes of all those who have completed their apprenticeship in the last 12 months


A microsite hosted the campaign’s shared content, allowing a unified look and feel to comms across the hundreds of organisations and individuals supporting the week.



NAW 2018 allowed the real stars of apprenticeships to shine – employers large and small who know the benefits of apprenticeships to their business, the training organisations, the lynchpin between employers and apprentices, stakeholders and of course, the apprentices themselves!


Our partnership strategy saw key partners – BBC, Sutton Trust, BT, Greene King, NUS and more – lead the apprenticeship news agenda and make headlines.  Using content from the campaign microsite, and the sheer colossal network of NAW, #NAW2018 was the No1 trending hashtag on the Monday of the Week, with the Oscars a close second!  #WorksForMe secured more than 12,000 engagements on social media.


We smashed our 10kTalks target, with over 30,000 people attending events hosted primarily by our community on how and why ‘Apprenticeships Work’.


Key learnings

Surround yourself with giants. Knowing that National Apprenticeship Week had secured its place in the hearts and minds of the apprenticeship community, we were brave enough to relinquish control of the Week. This enabled authentic voices to share their stories and engage the nation with how our creative messaging around why ‘Apprenticeship Works’.

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