Inspiring modern career choices

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Promoting National Apprenticeship Week

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Introducing new technologies to the UK fitness market

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Changing attitudes towards mental health

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Relaunching the National Apprenticeship Awards

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Disrupting the narrative on drunken nights out

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Helping students access support and advice around exam results

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We help change the way people think - and more importantly, what they do.

Specialising in health, education and social issues PR for private, public and third sector organisations.

About Us

What we do

We run campaigns that save, enrich and improve people’s lives.  Whether working with you to solve a communications issue; engaging partners and influencers; creating compelling content and conversations or putting story creation at the heart of your campaign delivery, we’ll make you a powerful promise.  We can help change the way people think – and more importantly, what they do.

What We Do


Delivering real and lasting impact

Shared Creative Economy

For some clients, we are their only agency while for others we integrate well into their existing agency mix.  Most come to us for a bespoke solution led by Munro & Forster Communications, which taps into our consortium of specialist SMEs located across the UK.  We invite them to access our shared creative economy, bringing national and regional insights, as well as strategic communications and campaign delivery in the most appropriate medium and channel for their needs.

Our Networks

How we can work with you

We’d be delighted to discuss your needs and how we can help.  We’ll give you the benefit of talent, insight and experience - a bespoke team from across our consortium of specialist SME agencies.  We’ll cover your insight through our Nations & Regions and Audience specialist partners and campaign solutions through our Communications Strategy and Delivery partners.
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