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Case Study
Careers Confidence

National Careers Service

National Careers Service


The National Careers Service provides advice for people at every stage of their working life.  With the service still in its infancy, the Summer Campaign was required to place it front of mind (specifically increasing media coverage, circulation and OTS), drive recommendation and referral (through measured social media, stakeholder engagement and amplified events) and acquire customers (all adults in need of jobs/careers advice, particularly jobless young people, unemployed adults, those facing redundancy and low skilled adults).


The experiential strategy focused on helping a small proportion to have an impact on the many: ten per cent was personal engagement by going directly to our tentative audience in their local areas to actively engage them and demonstrate the services.  Ninety per cent was amplification of the events to motivate the broader audience by showcasing progress and local/likeminded success stories and encouraging trial (attendance or go online).

With a unique Trinity Mirror/Fish4jobs partnership at its heart, a number of creative tactics and assets were developed and launched, to inspire people desperately in need of careers advice to take action and improve their lives.

  • The ‘Jobs & Careers Bus’ summer roadshow was delivered in 18 English cities and towns - selected using ONS data on unemployment and Apprenticeship hotspots. Integrated media and social media activity promoted the arrival of the bus locally, and the success of the event in each location. Careers advisers delivered workshops upstairs whilst on the bottom floor individual interactions with job/careers advice seekers took place using iPads.
  • Job Confidence Index,the UK’s first national and regional index to reveal the state of the nation’s job confidence.
  • A social media ‘bootcamp’ training National Careers Service advisers to participate in online discussions
  • National Careers Service human interest media stories to inspire people in similar situations to take action
  • CV O’Clock, a creative social media campaign encouraging a nationwide ‘event’ to update CVs between 13.00 – 14.00 on Monday when, according to our adviser research, the majority of people update their CVs
  • Stakeholder ‘surround sound’ support: over 130 stakeholders were engaged to share campaign materials and provide opportunities for job seekers attending the bus: e.g. Apprenticeships, jobs, vacancies, training and employment courses.


The Campaign smashed all targets:

  1. Outputs: Placing the National Careers Service front of mind by increasing media coverage, circulation and OTS

    • 82 % of UK adults reached by mainstream coverage an average of 8.5 times during the reporting. This includes a 78% reach to Not in Education or Employment and 81% to unemployed adults
    • 7,000% circulation uplift
    • OTS was 1,314,112,260 and 97% of mainstream coverage was favourable
  2. Outtakes: Driving recommendation and referral through measured social media, stakeholder engagement and amplified events

    • The Trinity Mirror/Fish4jobs partnership delivered over £1m pro bono value: (regional print ads, direct marketing, social media)
    • National Careers Service appeared in 5,500 social media postsbetween 31 July and 2 October
    • 1,944 new followers on Twitter and 410 new Facebook ‘Likes’ during period July 1 to September 19
    • 92 stakeholders took action – e.g. attended roadshow, communicated messages, tweeted
  3. Outcomes: Acquiring customers in line with the ‘digital by default’ agenda, driving them to the online channel of the Service

    In the three campaign months 3.5 million people accessed the service:

    • +187% web visits uplift 
    • +222% uplift in web visits during roadshow 
    • +59% Life Long Learning Accounts sign ups 
    • +5% phone call uplift

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